1. Needing a restroom.  Now.   There’s a line. The restroom is closed for cleaning.

2. Peeing in your pants (or any variation of that) , running into a wall, completely forgetting what you’re talking about in the middle of talking about it, falling down, giving yet another reason why you can’t do something or go somewhere or last that long, not being able to read what’s in front of you and then being asked your opinion about it, spilling on your clothes because your hands are trembling, falling asleep while someone’s talking to you, going to the doctor, having surgery or deciding about it. . .

3. Needing help. Asking for help. Not asking for help and being sorry you didn’t.

4. Sex with a new partner. Sex even with a regular partner.

5. Laid off from a job. Looking for a job. Starting a job.

6. Money, especially not enough of it (closely related to #5)

7. Trying to hide invisible illness/disability. The first few seconds of being busted.

8. People who are overly solicitous. People who have no empathy. People who treat you differently. (Closely tied to all of the above.)

9. Worsening symptoms. Wondering when symptoms will worsen.

10. Adapting. Having to adapt in the first place. Adapting in the second and third places…

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