"Waldo you have 10 seconds to give the correct answer". "Buckshot?"

The Romans had their games (think chariots racing or gladiators fighting). So did the jousting, dragon-slaying Brits. Aztecs (or was it Incas?) played a form of soccer with severed heads of their enemies. Of course the pains of losing were final; a defeated gladiator couldn’t try again later.

Here’s my take on the game shows I’ve considered…what about you?

“Fear Factor”? What sadist thought this game up?
“The Biggest Loser”? Sure it’s a game show! Difference is, the losers are the winners
“A Minute to Win It”? I’m too slow, too clumsy, unbalanced (take that any way you like).
“Password”? What? With the trouble I have with word finding?
“American Idol”? I could be a judge.
“Family Feud”? My wrong-answer-risk would be reduced by 25%…so, maybe
“Wheel of Fortune”? I’d get shoulder pains spinning that wheel
“Jeopardy”? I’m not a human factoid
“Queen for a Day”? This is one that only us 60-plusers remember. I don’t need another Maytag washer/dryer, but I know some guys who might wanna be on that show
“Wheel of Fortune”? Gives me a headache
“Wheel of Fortune”? My hearing is impaired because of this show. Mom and Dad watched during dinner, with the tv a foot from the back of my head. The impact was clear: even my food vibrated.
“Let’s Make A Deal”? I don’t look good in cardboard and foil, no matter what color it is

Thanks to the creativity of the fuflos. Visit them at http://www.fuflos.com

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