Harville Hendrix & his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt

Our relationships have the power to transform our lives.  This transformation occurs not with the wave of a magic wand, but through the daily accumulation of small acts building to a critical mass that we end up labeling a “life” or a “relationship.”

“Our lives are but an accumulation of moments.  The way we live tomorrow, next week, and next year will be the product of what we are doing right now.  If we are critical and angry toward our partner today or too busy to shae a connecting moment, we are spending the currency of our lives unwisely.

In a conscious relationship we intentionally design actions that move us closer to our goals.

Each day matters, since the whole can never be greater than the sum of its parts.  Appreciation expressed clearly today, or the times spent in idle chatter, is giving weight and definition to your life.

Remember to share an appreciation to your partner today and every day.”

These words are taken directly from their author, Harville Hendrix.  He and his wife are well-known and well-respected writers and lecturers about couples and are media favorites.  Besides, he’s a genuinely nice guy. Harville is the author of the popular Getting the Love You Want.  If you don’t have access to me or to his training workshops, buy his books!

Kathe Skinner is a Relationship Coach who agrees with Hendrixes so much so could be a clone.  She is sad to have come to so many of the same conclusions so late in her life.

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