No, I’m not about to scare the neighbors by walking around without my clothes; Halloween’s come and gone.What I’m talking about is taking off the mask we all wear. Usually, our masks are good to have in place:  Doesn’t make sense to “be naked” all the time.  You’d feel everything and be exposed to everything feeling you.  Nah, sometimes it’s good to keep private what’s private. Wearing a mask becomes unhealthy when that mask never comes off.   You’d always have to be made up, no bad hair days, no bags under your eyes.  No stumbling, no wincing, no limping, nothing that might give away the truth. And no tears.  Definitely no tears.

No wonder so many of us invisibly disabled folks hide out at home. Choose your mask wisely and choose wisely when you wear it.   Taking if off, taking it all off, lowers your stress response and increases feelings of well-being (remember those?).    Being “naked” is freeing — no pretending, no striving for perfection, no performing.  One good way is to mess around with Creative Expressions.    “Getting naked” is fun and goofy; it’s freeing because there’s no right or wrong.  It’s cool; just don’t take it outside…

What do you hide behind a “mask”?  Let us know!

Kathe Skinner wears lots of hats and a few masks.  She’s been a Marriage & Family Therapist for over 16 years and specializes now as a Relationship Coach working with those invisibly disabled.  She “gets naked” by writing, reading in bed at night, eating pasta, laughing at her own jokes, and watching her hooligan cats, Petey and Lucy.  Visit her at http://www.BeingHeardNow.com; get to better know who she is and what she does! 

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